Soares is Cool!


16 February 1986. Mário Soares is running in the second round of the Presidential Elections. The moment of all decisions. The moment when Mário Soares is about to become “the President of all Portuguese”.


PJ7 is a TV documentary of 8 episodes about the Portuguese Judiciary Police major cases. Throughout the series, we will get to know each case in detail and understand the necessary steps to solve them.

The Tyrant Father

“The Tyrant Father” is a comedy that aims, humorously, to lay bare what it is to be Portuguese – both in 1940 and in 2021. We will have a new version of the plot, full of humour, futuristic previsions and images of Lisbon of that era.

Salgueiro Maia – The Implicated

This is a story about Salgueiro Maia. The child, the young man, the man, the trooper and historical figure that transformed Portugal’s course.