16 February 1986. Mário Soares is running in the second round of the Presidential Elections. With the country divided between left and right and emotions running high, Mário Soares may be the only one capable of guaranteeing stability and political pacification and uniting the country. As the election night progresses, Soares recalls the difficult moments of his political life, from the times of resistance to the Regime, to the heated struggles in the post-April 25 period, when he left for the presidential elections, where he was considered the least likely candidate to win.

The friendships that have been lost along the way, the sacrifices demanded of his wife and children, the tremendous risks of public life, where security and his own life are at stake. Everything seems to be leading up to this moment. The moment of all decisions. The moment when Mário Soares is about to become “the President of all Portuguese”.

Director | Sérgio Graciano

Production | Sky Dreams Entertainment

Run Time | 84 min

Genre | Biopic, historical drama

Release year | 2024

Cast: Tonan Quito, Inês Faria, João Pedro Vaz, Margarida Cardeal, Maria Gomes Andrade, Miguel Mateus, Nuno Nolasco and Tiago Fernandes