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This is a modern and refreshing fiction series made for the whole family, filmed in the idyllic Moledo and tells the story of a summer vacation full of friendship, passion and adventure. Manel is a father looking for a quiet moment after a recent divorce. At his first vacation alone with the kids, he decides to take Leonor and Rodrigo to spend the summer in the place where he spent his best youth moments: the county of Caminha, in Minho, next to the postcard beach of Moledo.

Manel believes that this will be just the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter in his life while retrieving his relationship with his children, which was worn out by months of tension with his ex-wife.

As soon as they arrive in Moledo, Manel finds Filipa, his great passion as a teenager from the time when both used to spend the summer in Moledo with their parents. But their relationship was always more than a summer love and this meeting will flare up a passion that never ended…

Rodrigo and Leonor shall form an inseparable group of friends and they will experience unexpected adventures in which the innocence of youth is mixed with the will to discover the world.

This is a series for all ages, a revival of everyone’s childhood memories, where adults passions and youth discoveries turn into an unforgettable summer!

Director | Patrícia Sequeira

Producer | Sky Dreams Entertainment

Format | 13 episódios

Genre | Série Familiar

Release Year | 2018

Cast: Maya Booth, Graciano Dias, Ana Cristina Oliveira, Barbara Lourenço, Júlia Palha, Pedro Almendra, Salvador Sobral, Matilde Breyner, António Maria, Bruno Nascimento, Carolina Marinho, Diana Sá, Filipa Matos, Jorge Pinto, José Carretas, Luis Magalhães, Miguel Cunha, Santiago Mateus, Stella Brabetz, Isabel Blanco, Ángela Rios, Laura Nuñez, António Mourelos, Xoel Yáñez, Jorge Varandela e Mariana Carballal