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Vasco Leitão lives on his aunts’ allowance. They live in Porto and consider him a compliant student, but Vasco prefers bars and beautiful women, in particular Alice, a girl with a special talent for music and who is also the daughter of the Prime Minister, José Caetano.

Vasco’s misfortunes start when, on the same day, he fails an oral exam once again and receives a message from his aunts that they are coming for a visit in Lisbon!

Director | Pedro Varela

Production | Sky Dreams Entertainment

Runtime | 110 min

Genre | Comedy

Release Year | 2016

Cast: César Mourão, Luana Martau, Miguel Guilherme, Marcos Majella, Maria Vieira, São José Lapa, Carla Vasconcelos, Dinarte Freitas, Dmitry Bogomolov e Rui de Carvalho