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Anastácio, a modest civil servant, values few things in life, his family, of course, his long-life wife, Carla, and his daughters, Branca and Joana, despite the constant headaches they cause to him. Right after that, comes the team he cheers for, Leões de Alcochete, the neighborhood soccer team that may be brought to glory once again if they win at Barrancos do Inferno, in Alentejo. The problem is that Joana smashed the car. Miguel, his car mechanic is having an affair with Rosa, his niece and offers a solution: there is a car in the garage that is suitable for eight people. Now they just need to pretend they are rich enough to spend the night at the farm of one of Joana’s facebook friend, Eduardo Barata. Such an unreasonable plan has no other chances but to succeed.

Director | Leonel Vieira

Production | Sky Dreams Entertainment

Runtime | 110 min

Genre | Comedy

Release Year | 2015

Cast: Miguel Guilherme, Sara Matos, Dânia Neto, Manuela Couto, Ana Varela, Aldo Lima, Alexandra Lencastre, José Raposo, André Nunes, Vitor Norte e Manuel Marques