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Snu is Danish and the founder of a publisher (“Don Quixote”) known for publishing books that defy the censorship of the Estado Novo. Francisco is one the most charismatic Portuguese politicians. They are married. He has five children and she has three. Snu Abecassis meets Francisco Sá-Carneiro on January 6, 1976. After falling passionately in love, they decide to live that love story while Portugal is still recovering from the ashes of Fascism, shaking the prevailing social values of that time. They share beliefs and ambition, they struggle for democracy and freedom, leaving their traces on politics and society. They tragically die in 1980, becoming one of the great love stories from 20th Century.

Director | Patrícia Sequeira

Production | Sky Dreams Entertainment

Runtime | 94 min

Genre | Romance

Release Year | 2019

Cast: Inês Castel-Branco, Pedro Almendra, Inês Rosado, Simon Frankel, Rodrigo Tomás, Maria João Pinho, Nádia Santos, Joana Lopes, Sónia Lisboa, Mafalda Lencastre, Ana Nave, José Leite, Afonso Lagarto, Pedro Frias, Eric da Silva, João Vicente, Ana Vilela da Costa, Beatriz Leonardo, Miguel Damião, João Reis e Adriano Carvalho