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“Good morning Miss Rosa!” that is how “The Courtyard of the Ballads” starts, right in the courtyard where Rosa, this beautiful clerk lives, as well as her two admirors: Narciso, a polyglot and tourist guide who works night and day… and Evaristo, the owner of a gourmet grocery store, someone with a wild genius and father of a girl named Celeste, an aspiring soap opera artist. If Saint Anthony is not too late, there is such a never-seen before case of devils temptations happening right in Evaristo’s courtyard. Starting from the atmosphere originally created by António Lopes Ribeiro, Vasco Santana and Francisco Ribeiro’s film treatment, this is some kind of a remake from the original “The Courtyard of the Ballads”, but in a contemporary history, being this the first film of the “New Classics” trilogy that also includes “The Lion of Estrela” and “A Song of Lisbon”.

Director | Leonel Vieira

Production | Sky Dreams Entertainment

Runtime | 108 min

Genre | Comedy

Release Year | 2015

Cast: Miguel Guilherme, Sara Matos, César Mourão, Dânia Neto, Rui Unas, Manuel Marques, Anabela Moreira, Cristóvão Campos, Aldo Lima, José Pedro Vasconcelos, Bruna Quintas, Joaquim Nicolau e Manuel Cavaco.