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Episódio 1 

Santana tries to write the play ‘The Tyrant Father’ that the Grandelinhas, the amateur theater group, will present in the Grandella warehouses, but is facing a creative block. Chico is in love with Tatão who is courted by Arthur. In turn, Gracinha is in love with Chico. He settles in the boarding house of Emilia, Tatão’s aunt, in order to be closer to her. The Grandelinhas rehearse the play with great difficulty. Because of a misunderstanding, Tatão thinks that Chico is a very rich count and everyone in the boarding house flatter over him. Tatão begins to find more interest in Chico. Gracinha wonders about the absence of her beloved in the rehearsals and he lies. He doesn’t tell her that he loves Tatão!

Episódio 2 

The Grandelinhas try to rehearse, but can’t do it and Santana gets nervous. Tatão confesses to Chico that she knows the reality: he is count and wealthy. He is not able to deny it. Santana likes Gracinha, but wants her to remain in ignorance of Chico so it doesn´t compromise the play. Santana creates a plan for Chico to test Tatão’s true intentions: they will stage a play in a mansion where Teresa, Santana’s cousin, works. She doesn’t want to, but ends up being controlled by Machado and the two drink too much wine.

Episódio 3 

At the end of the staging, Tatão gets angry with featured Santana who thinks he is Chico’s father and ends up saying that she is not interested in money, but only in love. Chico was right: her intentions are good. The day of the premiere of the play of the Grandelinhas is approaching. Arthur discovers that Chico is not a count. On the day of the premiere of ‘The Tyrant Father’, everyone is in the theater, including Teresa that goes with Machado. Gracinha is sad because she feels that Chico doesn’t pay attention to her and ends up knowing that Chico is dating Tatão. She interrupts the play and unmasks Chico. Tatão gets to know the truth. Chico goes after her, but doesn’t succeed. In a burst of courage, Chico manages to say what he feels and he and Tatão make peace. At the end, everything turns out well.