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Episode 1

Pombal, 1963. Fernando Salgueiro Maia, a 19-year-old young man, unsuccessfully tries the admission to the Military Academy. Persistent, he managed to be admitted in 1964. Intelligent, determined and disciplined, he quickly distinguished himself as one of the best students. But on the near horizon is the war in Africa. The dream of April 1974 is a long shot at this point.

Episode 2

Mozambique, 1967. Fernando Salgueiro Maia has his first gunfighting dare and quickly discovers the cruel side of a war for which he was not emotionally prepared. He receives news from Angola that makes him even more disturbed. Returning from Africa, he is placed in Santarém, as an instructor of platoons that will be sent for the combat zones. He meets Natércia, whom he marries in August 1970. The young couple has their first crisis in 1972, when Fernando cannot tell Natércia that he will have to leave for Guinea in a new war commission.

Episode 3

Guinea, 1972. In one of the most difficult war fields, Salgueiro Maia’s doubts about the regime are accentuated. The contact with more politicized officers awakens in the career officer a political consciousness that will culminate on April 25, 1974.

Episode 4

Disillusioned with the course of the revolution and in rupture with the military leaderships, Maia fulfills a long commission of service in the Azores. Back on the mainland, in Santarém, he makes a decision with Natércia that completely changes the couple’s life: they adopt a child. But the happy days are overshadowed by the greatest enemy Salgueiro Maia had to face: a serious illness.